Comedy = Tragedy + Time (Pandemic Fights)

How are you doing? These are some hard days we are all going through. No matter where lies your political alliance, no matter on which side of the bench you sit regarding vaccines and masks, we can all agree that this sucks! This global state of fear and terror sucks! In fact I think mostContinue reading “Comedy = Tragedy + Time (Pandemic Fights)”

A Candle in the Dark: a series

Today is the day of mourning for the workers who have died due to a workplace injury or an accident. In this pandemic, many workers have died after contracting the disease. I dedicate this post to them. I have been thinking about Carl Sagan and his passion for science. I think we are living through someContinue reading “A Candle in the Dark: a series”

Loss and Grief in the pandemic

There is a day in the process of obtaining one’s PhD that’s considered very important: the day the supervisor, after consulting with the rest of the PhD committee, after several reviews of the dissertation, sends out an email to the Faculty of Graduate Studies saying: ‘this person is ready to defend’. The day they sendContinue reading “Loss and Grief in the pandemic”

Feminist Killjoys and the Royal Family

I watched the TV event of the year: Oprah’s sit down with Meghan and Harry and I have been thinking about allyship of Prince Harry. Or rather allyship in general. He said during the interview that although he had been doing the work before meeting Meghan and reading and educating himself, he grew up inContinue reading “Feminist Killjoys and the Royal Family”

A Note on Understanding

 “Unfortunately understanding doesn’t always connote sanction, conversion, or forgiveness.” Betty Smith, Tomorrow Will be Better That’s the problem, isn’t it? I have an argument with my loved one and I explain my position. I suspect that they would understand me after my explanation, and I want to be understood so badly. But in fact whatContinue reading “A Note on Understanding”

My fascination with the Royal Family

I love following the royal sagas of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. I am a little embarrassed at admitting that. I was raised to be more serious, analytical, and scientific, hence my PhD. Anything related to gossip in pop-culture, in fact pop-culture itself, was considered not an effective use of time. As a child wheneverContinue reading “My fascination with the Royal Family”

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