Old Man Winter

There is so much snow in my town.

It has been snowing almost non-stop for the past several days. It is cold, windy and the wind is strong enough to move the snow so that it’s not landing uniformly. The wind leaves its footprint on the ground through the snow, creating lines. It is collecting so much in some spots that I am more than knee-deep in the snow.

The car slides on the road on my drive and I don’t even care. I laugh out loud because I love this winter.

It is a true “North”/Canada winter. It’s the winter of my youth when we had first moved to Canada. It feels like the winter of the past. We, in southern Ontario, don’t get winters like this often… not anymore because…well…you know why…

When I tell my partner how much this is reminding me of the winters in the 90s, he says immediately “You should have seen it in the 80s! It was just like this for the whole of January and February.” He too misses the winters of his childhood.

This is why I love days like this so much. It’s an adult snow day, carrying with it something of the past. It is cold, windy, slippery, and a thick blanket of snow covers the earth. And I had forgotten how much I loved this. Isn’t that funny? We often know how much we care about something when it’s taken away.

I go for walks around my neighbourhood. I listen to the crunch of the snow under my feet and to the wind moving the trees in a vigorous dance, even the traffic lights join in. People walk around with walking poles to support themselves, dogs sniff the snow and some run around clearly loving the fluffy blanket. Children giggle and scream as they slide down the little hill in the park. I see a guy in a full ski gear, goggles and all and in Covid times that no longer seems weird.

There is love and excitement in the air.

The snow changes from fluffy pieces to little icy pallets hitting my cheeks and entering my eyes. I notice my cheeks getting numb, as though they are being kissed by icy lips.

I am gonna go back out, for a walk, a dance, and a play, in and with the snow and the wind.

I am gonna dance with Old Man Winter, telling him: ‘Thank you for coming, I’ve missed you’.

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